neuBody & Mind Age Defying Restoring Crème

neuBody & Mind age-defying restoring créme helps skin retain its moisture and helps restore skin elasticity for a more youthful appearance. The fast-absorbing body cream leaves skin feeling silky smooth, featuring soothing aromas of frankincense, myrrh and hibiscus. MORE


Indulgence without sacrifice... neuBody & Mind was created to provide indulgent body care products without sacrificing skin, health or the planet. neuBody & Mind deeply nourishes all skin types using plant-based ingredients and essential oils. Each formula contains more than a dozen skin-nourishing extracts that provide skin with much-needed hydration while fighting the effects of external environmental pollutants.It's everything you love about NEUMA for your hair, now available for your body!

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neuBody & Mind Age Defying Replenishing Oil

Treat your skin with neuBody & Mind age-defying replenishing oil! This decadent body oil imparts dry skin with nourishing moisture with its exclusive blend of super-powered ingredients that deliver long-lasting hydration wiht no greasy residue. Light-weight and fast-absorbing formula offers instantly visible results. MORE